BIOFEZ – a unique combination of new generation iron, folic acid and zinc, which stimulates the formation of blood

Carbonyl iron

Carbonyl iron:

  • Contains about 98% elemental Iron
  • Easy Absorption
  • Better Gastrointestinal Tolerability
  • Excellent Bioavailability
  • Safe and Non-toxic

UNICEF recommends intake combination of Iron, Folic acid and Zinc for women during pregnancy due to prevent deficiency of these substances

According to the WHO

According to the WHO, up to 90% of pregnant women suffer from anemia of varying severity. Most often, anemia associated with iron deficiency in the body

Up to 75%

Up to 75% reduced the chance of neural tube defects during pregnancy planning by administrating Folic Acid

Every woman

Every woman loses an average of 30 ml of blood per month, equivalent to 15 mg of Iron in the reproductive age


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